AIM Systems Network, Inc.

Wireless Sensor Network

Company Overview

AIM Systems Network wireless network allows for efficient management of a large number of devices in cloud computing centers. It enables provisioning, control, analytics, network load balancing and management of thousands of physical and virtual networking devices. AIM Systems Network, Inc. specializes in the design and development of robust wireless sensor networks for Industrial, Commercial and Enterprise markets including Condition monitoring, Asset management, Environment monitoring and Power / Energy management of Lighting, HVAC, Gas and Water energies.

Why AIM Systems Network Is Different

AIM Systems Network, Inc. takes a new approach to controlling your sensor network by ensuring the Building Automation Network controller is “load balanced” under heavy network loads or demands which is critical when pushing Petabytes of data from various buildings throughout the network. Further, our customizable controller allows network provisioning in minutes rather than days, saving hundreds of cumulative labor hours. This frees up your provisionary workload allowing your staff to focus on other areas of your network. Our network integrates seamlessly with other network protocols such as BACNet, LONWorks, ModBus, and KNX via a gateway.

AIM Systems Network is primarily focused in the energy management market using Title 24 compliant LED lighting products, a cutting edge customizable controller and network switches. All of our wireless sensors, switches and room controllers use the EnOcean protocol which incorporates energy harvesting technology which is “batteryless”. In the near future we are also providing a unique gas and water valve offering critical protection against damage of sensitive high value assets, products, research materials, sensitive test or medical equipment and protecting the overall building and it’s inhabitants. Our devices integrates with our existing management software to give you additional reporting.

Our sensor network works dynamically to ensure data packet drop rate is minimized by using a robust transceiver & gateway. Before the data leaves the building, it is standardized, securitized, then flows to the public switched network for cloud computing. Once processed, the data is turned into manageable, understandable information via our user interface (and via an App for mobility users.) Our customized data analytical modules gives critical and specific reporting in real time.

About AIM Systems Network, Inc. and What We Do

AIM Systems Network, Inc. Wireless Sensor Network allows rapid deployment of new applications and services aimed at decreasing cost or increasing security, stability, or availability in the network. The Network encompasses a robust load balancing controller that has the following key features:

  • Enterprise-class platform for the delivery of a broad range of network innovations
  • Compliant with many building automation protocols
  • Support for numerous switches
  • Open API’s for applications
  • Extensible, scalable, resilient controller architecture
  • Versatile; supporting multiple applications and sensors that are application specific – customizable.
  • Flexible; policy changes are easy to enforce throughout the entire network.
  • Easy to manage through a network management application.

AIM Systems Network will provide buildings a more energy efficient, flexible and cost effective system. Our software provides a unified control point in the network simplifying management, provisioning, and orchestration. Our sensors collectively gather and process data, enabling analytics that transform the raw data into actionable information for energy usage optimization in buildings.

  • Utilizing Building Analytics can manage your entire energy portfolio and resolve building operational issues by use of real time information, trending which points out root causes, diagnostics which gives you the ability to determine individual and overall equipment performances which optimizes energy usage and powerful algorithms to turn it into actionable intelligence. Our network will continually review the performance of one piece of equipment, an entire building, or compare hundreds of facilities around the world. Monitor and report on energy efficiency. Pinpoint equipment that’s wasting energy. Assess the effectiveness of retrofit projects.

About Us

Don Stecker and Floyd Masalta created the vision for AIM Systems Network, Inc. and they are responsible for steering the company’s strategic course.

Don’s 25-year track record as an entrepreneurial leader of cutting-edge technology companies and high-growth business includes serving at the helm, consulting, and holding various C level and executive positions with early stage, middle market and publically held companies. He earned a BS in accounting from California State Polytechnic University Pomona, California.

Floyd Masalta is responsible for delivering AIM Systems Network products and solutions to customers, creating a space in the building automation channel that will allow the enterprise market to take advantage of the company’s network offerings. He brings to his role more than 25 years as a sales leader in all aspect of building control where he has proven himself adept at developing and implementing innovative marketing and sales strategies. He has held various managerial positions in privately , and publically held companies.

AIM Systems Network Is Focused In Providing The Following Services

  • Energy Management Consultation on New and Retro-Fit projects.
    1. Energy audits and reporting
    2. Lighting systems
    3. Air handling systems
    4. Heating systems
    5. Motors
    6. Automatic controls
    7. Chiller or Water cooling systems
  • Engineering & Design of Wireless Sensor Systems
  • Installation, Turn-Up & Commissioning
  • Build Customized API’s And Software To Efficiently Manage Data From The Switches To The Controller.
  • Project Financing Through Capital Leases, Operating Leases, PACE Financing And Shared Savings Agreements.

AIM Systems Network Inc. Offers The Following Products

  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Wireless Lighting Control Systems That Integrate With Lighting Infrastructure
  • Wireless Lighting with Surveillance Capabilities
  • HVAC Sensing Components
  • Natural Gas Sensors
  • Water Sensors
  • Electrical Sensors and Switches
  • Controllers & Gateways
  • Software That Communicates With Internet Enabled Smart Devices
  • Cloud Based Data Analytics

Aim Systems Wireless Network lighting products are Title 24 compliant and focuses on energy management for building automation. Our engineering & energy consulting services will support your project from conceptualization through installation and commissioning. Further, Aim Systems software and energy sensors including services can help support LEED accreditation.

Our Vertical Markets Include

  • New Building
  • Retro Fit Buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Nuclear
  • Military Installations
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Educational

Contact Information:

Office Location:
(Next to San Luis Obispo Regional airport)
835 Areovista Park
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Mailing Address:
PO Box 4691
Santa Clara, CA 95056

    1 (415) 966-6179
    1 (800) 838-2779


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AIM Systems Network, Inc.